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Favorable Roadside Truck Repair Rates

We’re good at roadside service in the Delphos, OH area—so good that we’ve become significantly better at it over the years and we pass those savings of time and money on to You, our customers. Our rates are often no different that diesel and semi repair shop rates, plus we come to you! Call night or day, weekday or weekend, rain or shine and you’ll always receive our best service rates.

Roadside Experience Matters

Roadside is all we do! Since we’ve done so many roadside repairs, it’s safe to say we’ve completed this repair before, likely on your particular truck make and model. Day and night we’re completing repairs for roadside events and getting truckers back on the road safely and quickly.Working in a shop versus roadside requires a different mindset and level of preparedness. OTR Mobile mechanics are trained and skilled at handling roadside breakdowns and have navigated the roads and highways of Delphos, OH Worth for years.


We offer fast response time so you get back on the road faster. We offer pick-up and drop-off service. Our high-tech equipment diagnoses the problem right the first time.


Our technicians have over 50 years of experience between them along with their ASE certifications.


Our technicians are dedicated to providing quality repairs & services that keep your truck or fleet on the road.


Our technicians strive for you to be completely satisfied with our work, whether it’s a routine inspection or a roadside repair.

Customer Review

Olie’s Mobile Repair a flawless safety record, unmatched customer service, and a business model that benefits customers as never before.

Committed to Deliver
Quality and Results

Olie’s Mobile Repair are trained and skilled at handling roadside breakdowns and have navigated the roads and highways

Michael George


Olie’s Mobile Truck Repair has been in business since 2009. We currently have operations in Delphos, OH, UT. Our company offers greater company-fleet productivity as an alternative to traditional repair shops; with innovative mobile truck repair. Our fleet repair service is your solution for greater efficency and less downtime.